Sex Tapes and Marmalade Sandwiches

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Taking your children to the cinema in The Netherlands involves a certain degree of angst. You always have to wonder whether there will be something entirely age-inappropriate (and possibly nightmare-inducing) at a showing of a ‘six years and older’ film in this country. Believe me, even a movie about a furry bear seeking a home in London while carrying emergency … Read More

Kym Kettler-PaddockSex Tapes and Marmalade Sandwiches

Me and My Sinister Hand

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X-ray of a broken wrist

The Fall I broke my wrist on Valentine’s Day. My friends told me it was an act of love because I was so ‘head over heels for my husband’, but in reality, I fell when I was trying to get a pan out to make a cheesecake. I landed on my right wrist, there was a loud crack, and I … Read More

Kym Kettler-PaddockMe and My Sinister Hand

Consent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad

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Travelling between countries and continents alone with my children has always made friends question my sanity, but what if passport control officers questioned my right to travel alone with my kids? Unfortunately, that happened. When taking the ferry with my children to England, the British immigration officer asked me why my children were on British passports when I was travelling on an American one; why our last names were different; and where their … Read More

Kym Kettler-PaddockConsent Letter for Children Travelling Abroad

Open Day at the Crematorium

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Turning into my children’s school this morning, I noticed the new advertisement on the small corner billboard:  “100 Years of Cremation in The Netherlands.” Is this something to celebrate on billboards?  It wouldn’t be if you worded it as “100 years of burning dead people in The Netherlands.” Then it would be macabre. Sitting at the intersection to let two cyclists pass … Read More

Kym Kettler-PaddockOpen Day at the Crematorium